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Touching Base

I sent a "Touching Base" email out about 8 minutes ago and the CEO of an 80-person company responded immediately. Here is what I do…

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Crucial Customer Cuts

Analyse your bottom 10 clients on profitability, the amount of management time they absorb and how well they work within your business’ sweet spot.

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Quick Tips

No Names, Please

When you are assessing the needs for specific roles in your company, build your organization chart with areas of responsibility, tasks and talents first. Then apply your staff’s names to the organizational chart.

In this way, you will clearly see the gaps which you would have missed if you started with names and what those people are capable of at the current time.

By : Sandra Scanlon, SSG MEP

The Slow Reveal

If your prospects and customers demand more but are only willing to pay less, comply with the minimum requirements while showing them the options you know are needed and the risks of not taking advantages of the added services.

By : Ron Abo, The Abo Group

Conquer Through Agreement

In order to maximize efficiency and profits when in business with a partner, "Divide and Conquer" is the name of the game. Clearly delineating and assigning areas of responsibility, preferably through the use of an operating or partnership agreement, provides accountability and clarity while minimizing the duplication of effort and the risk of having something fall through the cracks.

By : Joel Sunshine, Sunshine & Feinstein, LLP

Recipe for Fun

Find your passion or purpose and the rest of the business becomes enjoyable and fun.

By : Richard Simmons, TAB South Auckland